For venue owners and clients…The venue booking platform with flow

Let’s face it if you’re a busy venue or trying to just get by. More leads and higher conversion rates for confirmed bookings is every venue owner’s fantasy.

The reality is, every venue client deserves the personal touch expected from venues and this gets even harder when trying to get and manage more clients and bookings, this is just ‘how it is‘.

Gain Back Time

A venue sales executive spends on average 10 hours per week doing 'admin. stuff'.

Gain Back Money

Frequent Venue Clients spend 10%+ of the event price on commission agents.

Gain Back People

Venue and events management have one of the highest attrition rates, due to stress and feeling overwhelmed. Everyone loses.


CRM Designed for Venues

Prospect the lead and move it along the sales funnel, including sending branded invoices. Track all changes, requests and get notified when anything happens. No more back and forth emails, or 'he said, she said' 🙄

Collaborate with Clients

Showcase and view availability, share eProposals and eContracts and access a dedicated client dashboard to communicate, confirm, amend and sign-off on bookings.

Team Collaboration = Conversions

Capture reported analytics and metrics on your venue's performance, and make sales challenging and fun for the team by creating and viewing sales KPIs, campaigns and goals in real-time. Forget excel sheets and pivot tables.

Automate Responses & Reminders

Respond and follow-up automatically on leads, events and reminders, so you dont miss a beat. Remove the robot from inside you, and let VenueFlow handle that.

Smooth, Easy to Use and Mobile

Capture key information while on the go. Keep teams and clients updated and in turn everyone is updated. VenueFlow is not a bulky event or venue management software. Sleek and smooth, simple, straight to the point, focusing on the sales teams and clients’ experience. Learn how to use it in less than 30 minutes.

Maximize your venue's sales potential today

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Why VenueFlow?

We understand that great customer relationships come down to flawless delivery – from enquiries to “thank you that was awesome” at the end of a meeting, event, or conference at a venue.

This is when a real connection is built between venue owner and clients. You can’t help it you have to get involved to add that personal touch. In today’s fast paced environment and cut throat competition, there is NO ROOM for wasting time on admin. ‘stuff’ that distracts you from what you really love…where venues meet people.